Janis P. Bellack Library


Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Foundations of Medical Speech Pathology Communication Sciences & Disorders CD 735 K. Tahmaseb
Advanced Autism Seminar II Communication Sciences & Disorders CD 859 K. Chenausky
Structured Literacy Seminar Communication Sciences & Disorders CD 879A B. Halvorson
Multisensory Structured Reading Practicum Communication Sciences & Disorders CD 879B B. Halvorson, E. Larrivee
Genetic Counseling Genetic Counseling 000 Permanent
Permanent Interprofessional 000 Permanent
ATI Nursing Education Nursing 000 Permanent Print copies of ATI review modules for NCLEX prep.
Nursing Process and Critical Thinking Nursing NS 510 J. Monagle, K. Hunt
Biobehavioral: Principles and Theories Nursing NS 511 K. Kieran
History of Nursing Ideas Nursing NS 512 J. Wandel, R. Salguerro
Health Assessment Nursing NS 522 T. McCormick, S. Jussaume
Disability and Society Occupational Therapy OH 780 D. Smith
Clinical Anatomy Occupational Therapy OT 601 M. Pessina
Foundations of Occupational Therapy Practice Occupational Therapy OT 650 K. Berner
Level 1 Fieldwork 2 Occupational Therapy OT 661 A. Mack
OT in Mental Health Occupational Therapy OT 770 K. Erler, A. Hobbs
Professional Reasoning IV Occupational Therapy OT 810 E. Eddy, K. Erler
Fundamentals of Pt/Clt Mgmnt 2 Physical Therapy PT 602 D. Gross, C. Schmidt
Pt/Client Mgmnt: Upper Extrem Physical Therapy PT 709 C. Clock, S. Cully