Janis P. Bellack Library


Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Aural Rehabilitation Communication Sciences & Disorders CD-751 Spring 2020
Genetic Counseling Genetic Counseling 000 Permanent
Permanent Interprofessional 000 Permanent
ATI Nursing Education Nursing 000 Permanent Print copies of ATI review modules for NCLEX prep.
Healthcare Policy & Politics Nursing NH-531 Spring 2020
Pathophysiology Nursing NS-509 Spring 2020
Nursing Practice Process and Skills Nursing NS-510 Spring 2020
History of Nursing Ideas Nursing NS-512 Spring 2020
Commun Nurs Princ & Theories Nursing NS-521 Spring 2020
Health Assessment Nursing NS-522 Spring 2020
Pharmacology Nursing NS-622 Spring 2020
Pract:Com Prob/Adult Health Nursing NS-661-NSG Spring 2020
Research I Occupational Therapy OT-610 Spring 2020
Research III Occupational Therapy OT-612 Spring 2020
Professional Reasoning II Occupational Therapy OT-622 Spring 2020
Occupation, Community, and Culture Occupational Therapy OT-651 Spring 2020
Communication, Collaboration, and Therapeutic Modes Occupational Therapy OT-652 Spring 2020
Fieldwork Seminar Occupational Therapy OT-760 Spring 2020
Participation and Productive Aging Occupational Therapy OT-763 Spring 2020
Occupational Therapy in Physical Dysfunction Occupational Therapy OT-771 Spring 2020
Cognition, Perception, and Occupation Across the Lifespan Occupational Therapy OT-870 Spring 2020
Client Management: Hip Lumbopelv Physical Therapy PT 606-PT Spring 2020
Client Management: Head/Neck Physical Therapy PT 608-PT Spring 2020
Pt/Client Mgmnt: Le/Gait Physical Therapy PT-607 Spring 2020