Janis P. Bellack Library


Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Sp&Wr Lang Dev&Disor Part A Communication Sciences & Disorders CD 743 Fall 2019 L. Maxwell, C. Haynes
Sp&Wr Lang Dev&Disor Part B Communication Sciences & Disorders CD 744 Fall 2019 L. Maxwell, C. Haynes
Sp&Wr Lang Dev&Disor Part C Communication Sciences & Disorders CD 745 Fall 2019 L. Maxwell, C. Haynes
Hearing Skills Seminar Communication Sciences & Disorders CD 752 Fall 2019 C. Bakey
Spok & Writ Clin Pract Seminar Communication Sciences & Disorders CD 760 Fall 2019 M. Riotte, B. Halvorson-Bourgeois
Genetic Counseling Genetic Counseling 000 Permanent
Capstone I Genetic Counseling GC 621 Fall 2019 A. Cirino
Permanent Interprofessional 000 Permanent
ATI Nursing Education Nursing 000 Permanent Print copies of ATI review modules for NCLEX prep.
Discovering the Theory Nursing DNP 866 Fall 2019 J. Bernhardt, M. Sipe, A. Hoyt, P. Nic (more)
Hlth Care Policy & Politics Nursing NH 531 Fall 2019 A. Ndiwane
Hlth Care Policy & Politics Nursing NH 602 Fall 2019 E. Ladd, A. Hoyt, L. Quinn
Adv Assess/Diag Reas - Adult Nursing NP 760 Fall 2019 A. Makosky, V. Lavalle, K. Hall, N. Baker
Pharmacology Nursing NS 519 Fall 2019 P. Delis
Commun Nurs Princ & Theories Nursing NS 521 Fall 2019 R. Reynolds, K. Sabo, O. Olayinka
History of Nursing Ideas Nursing NS 601 Fall 2019 M. Kantz, D. Kelly, J. Wandel
Pathophysiology Nursing NS 621 Fall 2019 K. Roy
Nsg Prac: Process and Skills Nursing NS 660 Fall 2019 N. Green, M. Marre
Health Assessment Nursing NS 665 Fall 2019 T. McCormick, S. Jussaume, D. Becker, (more)
Low Vision Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy OH 781 Fall 2019 K. Schoessow
Neuroscience Occupational Therapy OT 602 Fall 2019 M. Pessina, E. Whitney
Mvt, Context & Occ Performance Occupational Therapy OT 603 Fall 2019 S. Fasoli
Research Process 2 Occupational Therapy OT 611 Fall 2019 D. Smith
Professional Reasoning 1 Occupational Therapy OT 621 Fall 2019 R. Doherty
Dev & Occupation Lifespan Occupational Therapy OT 630 Fall 2019 E. Zeman
Hlth Cond: Epidem Patho & Prev Occupational Therapy OT 640 Fall 2019 K. Erler
Found. in Teaching & Learning Occupational Therapy OT 653 Fall 2019 A. Hobbs
Level 1 Fieldwork 1 Occupational Therapy OT 660 Fall 2019 M. Evenson
Professional Reasoning 3 Occupational Therapy OT 710 Fall 2019 A. Hobbs
OT in Children & Youth Occupational Therapy OT 775 Fall 2019 A. Fairman
Fund Pt/Client Management 3 Physical Therapy PT 603 Fall 2019 J. Baldwin, C. Fitzgerald, D. Keenan, J. Hess, M. Arrigo, J. Koskey, N. Johnson, K. Hinsman, R. O'Connor
Pt/Client Mgmnt: CVP 1 Physical Therapy PT 604 Fall 2019 S. Gore, R. Karim
Pt/Client Mgmnt: CVP 2 Physical Therapy PT 605 Fall 2019 C. Clock, S. Gore, R. Karim