Janis P. Bellack Library


Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Aural Rehabilitation Communication Sciences & Disorders CD-751 Spring 2020
Written Clin Pract Seminar Communication Sciences & Disorders CD-760W Spring 2020
Aphasia in Adlt:Asses&Interv Communication Sciences & Disorders CD-839 Spring 2020
Genetic Counseling Genetic Counseling 000 Permanent
Capstone II Genetic Counseling GC 691 Spring 2020
Permanent Interprofessional 000 Permanent
ATI Nursing Education Nursing 000 Permanent Print copies of ATI review modules for NCLEX prep.
Healthcare Policy & Politics Nursing NH-531 Spring 2020
Pathophysiology Nursing NS-509 Spring 2020
Nursing Practice Process and Skills Nursing NS-510 Spring 2020
History of Nursing Ideas Nursing NS-512 Spring 2020
Commun Nurs Princ & Theories Nursing NS-521 Spring 2020
Health Assessment Nursing NS-522 Spring 2020
Pharmacology Nursing NS-622 Spring 2020
Pract:Com Prob/Adult Health Nursing NS-661-NSG Spring 2020
School-Based Practice in Occup Occupational Therapy 766 Spring 2020 Course reserves cannot leave Building 38.
Research I Occupational Therapy OT-610 Spring 2020
Research III Occupational Therapy OT-612 Spring 2020
Professional Reasoning II Occupational Therapy OT-622 Spring 2020
Occupation, Community, and Culture Occupational Therapy OT-651 Spring 2020
Communication, Collaboration, and Therapeutic Modes Occupational Therapy OT-652 Spring 2020
Fieldwork Seminar Occupational Therapy OT-760 Spring 2020
Participation and Productive Aging Occupational Therapy OT-763 Spring 2020
Occupational Therapy in Physical Dysfunction Occupational Therapy OT-771 Spring 2020
Cognition, Perception, and Occupation Across the Lifespan Occupational Therapy OT-870 Spring 2020
Client Management: Hip Lumbopelv Physical Therapy PT 606-PT Spring 2020
Client Management: Head/Neck Physical Therapy PT 608-PT Spring 2020
Pt/Client Mgmnt: Le/Gait Physical Therapy PT-607 Spring 2020