Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Foundations of Med Sp Path Commuication Sciences & Disorders CD 735 Summer 2017 R. Inzana
Language Acquisition Commuication Sciences & Disorders CD 822 Summer 2017 L. Baron
Multi-Sensory Structured Approach to Reading Instruction Commuication Sciences & Disorders CD 879 Summer 2017 B. Halvorson-Bourgeois, P. Kelley-Nazz (more)
Speech & Lang Acquisition Commuication Sciences & Disorders HCD-553 Summer 2017 Crystle Alonzo, Lauren Baron
ATI Nursing Education Nursing 000 Permanent Print copies of ATI review modules for NCLEX prep.
Nursing Process Pract & Skills Nursing NS 510 01 Summer 2017 L. Quinn, D. Kelly, M. Keady
Biobehav Prin and Theories Nursing NS 511 01 Summer 2017 M. Plasse, M. Rudolph
History of Nursing Ideas Nursing NS 512 1-4 Summer 2017 I. Corless, M. O'Donnell, J. Wandel, M. Kantz
Common Problems of Adlt Hlth Nursing NS 520 01 Summer 2017 A. Ndiwane, E. Pusey-Reid
Health Assessment Nursing NS 522 1-2 Summer 2017 T. McCormick, P. Grobecker, S. Jussaum (more)
Community Principles&Theories Nursing NS 664 01 Summer 2017 K. Roy, E. Searle
OT No Course Assigned Occupational Therapy OT 000 Summer 2017 A. Mack
Clinical Anatomy Occupational Therapy OT 601 Summer 2017 M. Pessina
Foundations of OT Practice Occupational Therapy OT 650 Summer 2017 K. Schoessow
Level 1 Fieldwork 3 Occupational Therapy OT 662 Summer 2017 M. Evenson
OT in Physical Dysfunction Occupational Therapy OT 771 Summer 2017 M. Hildebrand
Splinting Orthot & Prosthetics Occupational Therapy OT 772 Summer 2017 S. Fasoli
Leadership and Management Occupational Therapy OT 773 Summer 2017 D. Smith
Professional Reasoning 4 Occupational Therapy OT 810 Summer 2017 A. Fairman, R. Alheresh, R. Doherty, K (more)
Foundations of Medicine Physician Assistant Studies PA 650 Summer 2017 S. Acker, B. Berlanstein
Fund Pt/Client Management 1 Physical Therapy PT 601N 01 Summer 2017 L. Plummer, E. Townsend, J. Callahan, (more)
Fund Pt/Client Management 2 Physical Therapy PT 602N 01 Summer 2017 J. Callahan, P. Levangie, C. Fitzgerald
Ther Exer: Adv Princ & Pract Physical Therapy PT 773 Summer 2017 L. Gray-Meltzer, K. Naidoo